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Receive alerts when your public sector customers and new prospects talk about relevant emerging opportunities. Ontopical’s AI-based Sales Intelligence Platform can get you engaged 6-12 months earlier than before. It is like attending 20,000 internal customer meetings, all at once.


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6-12 months
ahead of RFPs

If You're Not First, Your Business Gets Left Behind

Don’t miss emerging public sector opportunities in engineering, design, planning, consulting, and tech.

If you rely on new business contracts to thrive and survive, becoming part of the conversation early is the best way to win bids. The good news is that early signals from the public sector about upcoming contract opportunities, policy changes, and more are available within meetings, minutes, and public documents.

But when you are busy building communities, solving water issues, and bringing governments into the 21st century, you don’t have time to search out this information. And you can’t rely on the RFP and bid notifications coming from the same sources everyone else uses. You need something fast and self-managed to get a jump on the competition.

Uncover Opportunities First

Ontopical makes it easier to pull ahead of the pack.

Ontopical captures discussions from government departments, then processes and analyzes text and transcripts to deliver unique insights. There are millions of conversations happening every day—Ontopical brings you the ones that matter so you can be the first to know about new initiatives, upcoming RFPs, and more.

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Receive daily alerts about new leads from millions of documents and videos from tens of thousands of municipalities and counties.

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Distribute leads to your teams 6-12 months before they are listed. Influence the scope and specifications, and become the first vendor to engage.

How Does Ontopical Work?

There are no invasive tricks or magical forces at work here. We built technology that compiles local government data into the Ontopical platform.

Configure Your Alerts

Ontopical will notify you when relevant needs and projects emerge from text, audio, or video meeting transcripts based on keywords you control.

Find Out First

On average, Ontopical can find you leads to profitable projects 6-12 months before an RFP is posted.

Get Deeper Insights

Full voice-to-text search functionality means you benefit from the entire conversation right away, not just the meeting minutes, days later.

Access Millions of Meetings

Get access to millions of documents and videos from over 20,000 municipalities, updated daily.

Why People Love Ontopical

Ontopical has saved our team hours upon hours of cruising Council minutes searching for projects, budgets or motions that may impact our business or projects. We are excited to build Ontopical into our weekly process for both project identification and alerts regarding our ongoing projects. Lastly, being able to keep our finger on the pulse of Council meetings means being able to keep our finger on the pulse of our key market, which is invaluable

Erica Thomas

MBA, Ec.D Chief Executive Officer, TSI

There are huge opportunities in the municipal space and Ontopical helps us find these opportunities faster and easier than ever before.

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