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Searching Online Information Across Hundreds of Municipalities?

You need to be the first to know about upcoming contract opportunities, policy changes, or any important local government topics. The good news is that a lot of this information is freely available online. 

The bad news is that sorting through that online information isn’t easy. There’s no one place collecting relevant information. And while town-hall meetings have moved online, you don’t have the time or resources to monitor them as carefully as you should. You’re constantly worried about missing something important or being the last to know.

Uncover Risks & Opportunities First

Ontopical makes it easier to pull ahead of the pack.

Ontopical combs publicly available information from government departments then processes and analyzes text and transcripts to deliver unique insights. We give you access to the breadth of conversation happening in multiple governments every day, so you can be the first to know about new initiatives, upcoming RFPs, and more.

How Does Ontopical Work?

There are no invasive tricks or magical forces at work here. We built technology that compiles local government data into the Ontopical Tracker platform.

Keyword Alerts

Create and manage keyword alerts that will deliver only the most pertinent information from thousands of municipalities in North America right to your inbox.

Consolidated Intel

Using keyword search, consolidated intel, and trend analysis inside the platform, you can find the content you need quickly.

Full-Text Search

Councils and committees regularly publicize their agendas, documents, and meeting recordings in multiple formats.

Local Trends

In these files lurk critical details about what’s to come and how it could affect your business.

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Once you’ve subscribed to Ontopical, you’ll be able to create lists that deliver exactly the information you need from government bodies all over North America.

Stay a Step Ahead

Leverage your advanced notice by pouring your energies into the right projects at the right time. You’ll never be caught flat-footed again.

Why People Love Ontopical

Ontopical has saved our team hours upon hours of cruising Council minutes searching for projects, budgets or motions that may impact our business or projects. We are excited to build Ontopical into our weekly process for both project identification and alerts regarding our ongoing projects. Lastly, being able to keep our finger on the pulse of Council meetings means being able to keep our finger on the pulse of our key market, which is invaluable

Erica Thomas

MBA, Ec.D Chief Executive Officer, TSI

There are huge opportunities in the municipal space and Ontopical helps us find these opportunities faster and easier than ever before.

Ontopical Platform User

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