Construction & Engineering

See construction and engineering contracts coming sooner

Once an RFP is out, it’s too late to build relationships and a winning bid. Firms need to spot opportunities early in local government activity.

Find ideal government opportunities in engineering and construction

Arm your business development team with sales insight from cities, towns and counties across the USA and Canada with Al-enabled government market intelligence software.

Get early bid & quote alerts

See local government opportunities in your inbox.

Find ideal opportunities ahead of RFP

Our AI Copilot, Oliver, learns about deals you care about.

Get answers to build winning bids

Oliver pinpoints answers within long documents, videos and meeting minutes.

Track competitor activity

See who competitors are selling to and how.

Complete monitoring for engineering and construction contract opportunities

Never miss engineering and construction projects mentioned across North America in minutes, agendas, plans, budgets or video transcripts.


municipalities and agencies

100 million+

pages monitored

6-12 months

ahead of RFPs

Focus your team on ideal government contracts, with data to respond faster

Ontopical’s market intelligence can save your business development team hours a week and improves close rates.

Why firms choose us to win government engineering and construction contracts

Stay ahead of competitor activity and local government opportunities

Get alerted when key competitors are pursuing engineering and construction projects you care about.

Drill down on competitor activity and get your sales team to the table with deeper knowledge on needs, contacts, status of the bid.

See what construction and engineering opportunities you are missing

Let us know about your business, and we can show you pre-RFP local government opportunities in construction and engineering across North America.

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