Unlock the True Potential of Information

Ontopical Tracker gives you first notice of upcoming bid opportunities and insight into your place in the competitive landscape

What if You Could Eliminate The Words ‘We Were Too Late’?

Information is the most powerful item in your arsenal if you know how to wield it. Ontopical Tracker gives unprecedented access to a wide breadth of municipal information across North America, and you can filter and collate these meeting agendas, minutes, and videos like never before. You’ll never again wonder, ‘What if we had found out about that RFP a day earlier?’ or ‘Why didn’t we hear about this initiative until now?’

With Ontopical, your only question now is, ‘What can’t we do?’

Here’s What You Can Do When You Have the Most Up-to-Date Information

Plan Better Bidding

By the time an RFP is posted, your competitors are often five steps ahead. Ontopical Tracker helps you stay ahead of the curve.

Improve Capture Planning

Sometimes it's the conversation municipal departments had months before an RFP is created that determines an opportunity. Cast a wider net by setting keywords and alerts in Ontopical Tracker. so you'll never be the last to know again.

Save Time Searching & Distilling

When customized alerts deliver only the most relevant content right to your inbox every day, you can collate information and spot trends faster than ever before. Use this advantage to better allocate resources and see your bid-to-win ratio improve.

Pivot on a Dime

Sunk costs can hamstring you—unless you're confident in your information. Feel good adjusting or abandoning bids as situations change or new opportunities arise.

Monitor & Manage Your Reputation

Discover exactly where you stand in your industry.

Create Custom Alerts

Find out exactly what people are saying about you through customized alerts that you can adjust or pause at any time.

Track Changes in Sentiment

You have hunches about how often you do or don't get mentioned in meetings, but what if you could track these incidents—and the accompanying sentiment?

Set a Course for Success

Frustrated by your firm's lack of growth? By analyzing what decision-makers think of you, you can better strategize your development.

Survey the Competitive Landscape

Get insight into what’s working across your industry.

Create a Full Picture

When you don’t know who you’re being compared to, focusing on your firm’s weaknesses and strengths offers only so much insight. When you see the sentiments expressed about your competitors, you can map out the industry landscape and analyze your position within it.

Spot Gaps in the Market

Want to expand into new municipalities? Ontopical Tracker lets you look further afield for opportunities and gives you a sense of what works in these new markets before you invest time and resources.

Form Strategic Partnerships

Learning what municipal departments think about you and your competitors can reveal a lot. Sometimes complementary strengths and weaknesses between competitors demonstrate room for improvement, and sometimes they show you opportunities for successful collaborations.

Ready to Work Together?

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We’ll show you how Ontopical works and answer any questions you have about the possibilities it uncovers.

Curate Your Feed

Once you’ve subscribed to Ontopical, you’ll be able to create lists that deliver exactly the information you need from government bodies all over North America.

Stay a Step Ahead

Leverage your advanced notice by pouring your energies into the right projects at the right time. You’ll never be caught flat-footed again.

Why People Love Ontopical

Ontopical has saved our team hours upon hours of cruising Council minutes searching for projects, budgets or motions that may impact our business or projects. We are excited to build Ontopical into our weekly process for both project identification and alerts regarding our ongoing projects. Lastly, being able to keep our finger on the pulse of Council meetings means being able to keep our finger on the pulse of our key market, which is invaluable

Erica Thomas

MBA, Ec.D Chief Executive Officer, TSI

There are huge opportunities in the municipal space and Ontopical helps us find these opportunities faster and easier than ever before.

Ontopical Platform User

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