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Ontopical lets you identify leads and opportunities first by keeping your finger on the pulse of your industry, target prospects, and current public sector customers.

You're Missing Out on Key Conversations

There are brilliant insights and unmissable opportunities hidden within the scores of government information released every day. But to effectively identify important signals and emerging opportunities, you need to filter out the noise and simplify research. You need to share alerts about what is important without the time and effort that manual searches require.

Ontopical Gives You a Wider Look at the World with an Insider's Edge

It’s like having a seat at the table during every important meeting.
Most opportunities are won by someone ‘in the know’, which takes years of relationship building and luck. But Ontopical brings signals of developing opportunities in municipal contracts to you. You can set alerts for specific keywords and draw insights, more quickly than ever before. You’ll finally put yourself in the best possible position to .help communities, spend less time on proposals, and win more work.



Optimize your workflow with configured alerts and searches so you spend less time researching, and more time meeting customers, completing proposals, and closing deals.

Did someone mention you in a council meeting? Have budgets changed or agenda details been released? Get alerted, capture the conversation, and learn the context without being there in person. You can filter your alerts by location, government level, time, population size, and more to make sure you get only what you need when you need it. Simply select the frequency and a combination of alerts that best keeps you ahead of the game and your competition.

Create meaningful keyword alerts, managed by you

Access discussions from thousands of public agencies across North America

Set text based alerts for video and audio recordings.

Normally, I would have to target specific cities to research new leads, but with Ontopical, I can get alerted to keywords that are important to my work, no matter where the conversation is happening.


Engineering Firm


Working in a team? Quickly capitalize on—and close—emerging opportunities faster with lead sharing. 

Sometimes we find leads we need to share or want other team members’ input on, but how do we quickly share the context AND details without creating additional work? Your alerts will search millions of documents and find what you are looking for quickly by highlighting the sections that triggered the alert. Ontopical allows you to share these alert highlights with team members when you qualify or assign the leads.

One click shared results within Ontopical

Easily share leads with non-users

Qualify leads and assign to sales

“The opportunities for lead alerts are amazing but being able to bridge gaps between my teams is a real game-changer. We might find 6-8 leads in a day and sharing that seamlessly with highlighted keywords to the sales rep takes hours of work off my plate.

Sales Leader

Here's What You Can Do with Ontopical on Your Side

Break Into New Business Opportunities

Most bids with governments are won by the incumbent providers who are ‘in
the know’ and the only way to become the new incumbent is to get involved early. Ontopical levels the playing field by allowing everyone to find out about the conversations that precede an RFP.

Get Alerted First

Get alerts from capital budgets about projects happening 3-4 years in advance, and start positioning your business as a solution-provider.

Dig Deeper

Track committee meetings for detailed progress and learn how decision-makers are talking about your competitors, new technologies, or solutions.

Set a Course for Success

Get early signals of new pain points, grant applications, etc as well as insight into what has gone wrong in previous projects or with previous vendors.

Increase Customer Loyalty & Expansion

You have hunches about how often you do or don’t get mentioned in meetings, but what if you could track these incidents—and the accompanying sentiment? With Ontopical, you can predict customer needs to expand sales, get notified when competitors are knocking at your door, and spend less time on research to prepare for meetings.


Get Risk Alerts

When you don’t know who you’re being compared to, focusing on your firm’s weaknesses and strengths offers only so much insight. Set alerts to your business name and your competitor to better understand your business risks.

Increase Your Wallet Share

Expand your revenue within your existing customer base. When you have a broader understanding of their wants, needs, and mandates, you can position yourself as a partner, not just a vendor.

Serve Your Clients Better

Your customers wish you could predict their wants and needs without asking. Track important issues in your market and get alerted when things like grants, sustainability broadband, urban expansion are discussed or sentiment turns—this helps you add value while spending less time on research.

Understand Public Policy Decision-making Better

Is your specialized offering falling out of favor in your area? With a better understanding of what is driving trends in policy, you can better tailor your offerings. And using Ontopical, you can identify trends in your market as they emerge instead of waiting on projections from market intelligence firms like Gartner Group, IDC and Forrester.


Your technology has the power to solve old problems with new soutions. Understand where your solutions will have the greatest impact and who is ready for them.


Funding drives decision-making in local governments. Make sure you're aware of upcoming grant and bond opportunities and approved funding.

Climate Resiliency

Understand pain points at a local level so you can offer solutions to some of the biggest problems that we've ever faced, in a way that makes sense for specific communities.

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