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To win new work, businesses need early signals of an opportunity, before an RFP.

Local governments spend over $2 trillion on contracts in North America but winning that business is hard

While government spending on contracts continues to increase, winning new public sector work is difficult for businesses and incumbent providers have a hard-to-shake advantage.

Even for large construction, engineering, health services and technology businesses with significant sales teams, it’s nearly impossible to stay ahead of emerging government opportunities by digging through huge volumes of non-searchable, unstructured data.

If firms wait to see an RFP, it’s often too late to prepare a winning proposal with even lower odds of success without key relationships in place.

What’s missing? Opportunity detection and insights to bid

Businesses looking to grow revenue in the public sector need a fast and effective way for sales and account teams to discover what work is coming with detailed information on who’s involved and their needs.

Teams need that information well in advance of RFP to allow time to get to know people with influence and gather insights to make a persuasive pitch that can stand up against current suppliers.

Ontopical provides the lead time and answers to win

Ontopical’s market intelligence platform provides business development teams with curated opportunities well ahead of RFP, plus actionable answers to win more bids.

Different from any other RFP, contract search or market intelligence platform, Ontopical has an AI CoPilot: Oliver, that filters up ideal early opportunities and lets customers ask about key contacts, budgets and scope, with time to build valuable relationships and prep winning proposals.

Every day, Ontopical mines data from more local government sources and from across more formats and municipalities than any other intelligence platform to keep Oliver informed.

Meet the Leadership Team


Clayton Feick

Chief Executive Officer

With almost two decades of experience across banking, capital markets, software and data, Clayton is an entrepreneurial results-oriented leader focused on the intersection of data, technology and markets. 

As the CEO, Clayton is responsible for the company’s overall strategy, execution and growth. He is passionate about making government procurement more transparent and efficient. 

Clayton has also led growth teams at early-stage startups including Quandl (acquired by Nasdaq) as VP, Global Head of Sales; and Flinks (acquired by National Bank of Canada) as Chief Revenue Officer. He has also worked in senior business development roles at Thomson Reuters, managing relationships with the firm’s largest clients in its financial and risk business.

Derrick Koenig

Founder & Chief Product Officer

After working in the engineering consulting sector for 20+ years, including founding Ridgeline Engineering (acquired by ILF Consultants), Derrick knows firsthand how finding upcoming business opportunities within cities, counties, school districts is hard and time consuming. To win new work, businesses need early signals of opportunity, months before the RFP is issued.

Derrick founded Ontopical in 2017 and is passionate about leveling the playing field for public sector vendors.

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