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Keep your Finger on the Pulse of Every Municipality Across North America

Never again miss emerging public sector issues that surface daily in local government meeting agendas, minutes and videos.

You and your team are expected to perform the impossible task of staying on top of what every local government council and committee is talking about every day. The good news is that important signals are contained within the meeting agendas, minutes and video recordings that are being posted every day.

However, you are expected to not only identify emerging issues, but also research them and resolve them. There simply aren’t enough hours in the day to stay ahead of it all. You need a way to be notified upon the first signal of an emerging threat to your business operations. You also need to know the entire backstory.

Uncover and Understand Emerging Issues

Ontopical makes it easier to stay ahead

Ontopical captures discussions from government departments, then processes and analyzes text and transcripts to deliver unique insights. There are millions of conversations happening every day—Ontopical brings you the ones that matter so you can be the first to know about emerging issues, policies and legislation that impact your business.

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Receive daily alerts about important topics from millions of documents and videos from tens of thousands of municipalities and counties.

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Easily share your findings with our team. Work together as a team to influence outcomes by being ‘at the table’ early, ensuring that your voice is heard and considered.

How Does Ontopical Work?

There are no invasive tricks or magical forces at work here. We built technology that compiles local government data into the Ontopical platform.

Configure Your Alerts

Ontopical will notify you when relevant issues and topics emerge from text, audio, or video meeting transcripts based on keywords you control.

Find Out First

Ontopical can find you emerging issues weeks earlier than monitoring media and social media.

Get Deeper Insights

Full voice-to-text search functionality means you benefit from the entire conversation right away, not just the meeting minutesmeeting minutes, that often get posted days or even weeks after the meeting occures.

Access Millions of Meetings

Get access to millions of documents and videos from over 20,000 municipalities, updated daily.

Why Public Affairs Leaders Love Ontopical

I started using Ontopical a year ago and now can’t imagine doing my job without them. It now takes me only 20 minutes a week to track emerging issues and opportunities in the 240+ communities that we serve. SRM’s can now focus on resoving issues, rather than driving from community to community looking for emerging issues.

Public Affairs Manager

Utilities, Power Distribution

Ontopical is a very disruptive technology that is truly a first-of-its kind solution that helps our team work smarter and move faster so that we can even better serve our clients. There is not other solution out there that covers all of North America, and includes meeting videos. This is truly a game changer that is changing the public affairs lanscape.

Don Stickney

Principal, Eamsclife Strategies

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