5 things to compare when evaluating local government contracting software

Evaluating Local Government Contracting Software? See 5 things to assess

With local governments spending trillions of dollars in contracts in North America, companies are looking for new ways to avoid missing out on new public sector contracts, especially to their competition.

That’s why more firms are using government contracting software like Ontopical to find out about local opportunities before RFPs, discover key contacts and budget details and learn about emerging needs. Government contracting software is purpose-built to help businesses find, research and prepare proposals for government contract opportunities.

Need some guidance on how to conduct a smart comparison? We’ve put together 5 things to compare and key questions to ask as you assess who best covers your market and can alert you to sales opportunities, with intel to win. As you reach out to government contracting technology vendors, it’s helpful to know the right questions to ask.

Read on to see the 5 things to compare or skip ahead:

5 things to compare as you evaluate local government contracting software

1. Coverage

To help you detect the most relevant opportunities for your business, the first critical item to assess is coverage. Does the vendor cover the locations you need and how often is the data updated?

For example, if you’re a construction company looking for road construction contracts within municipalities and counties in Nebraska, Ontario and Florida, look for the software that will identify the most opportunities in those jurisdictions with the most complete data. Better yet, get a live demo and ask for sample leads your business can expect using the software.

Questions to ask:

  • What jurisdictions do you cover? (eg. how many municipalities, towns, cities, etc. in North America?)
  • What data sources do you monitor? (eg. videos, minutes, budgets, etc.)
  • How often do your data sources get updated?

Here’s where Ontopical stands

We monitor the most local government data sources across North America, every day. We provide daily alerts on over 16,000 cities, towns, counties and school boards, across the US and Canada. Our data sources include minutes, agendas, budgets and videos, and continue to expand.

2. Opportunity discovery

To help your business development team prioritize and focus on the right deals, assess how the software will help you discover and win best-fit government opportunities. Especially for larger firms with several business development teams, departments, or divisions, consider how the software supports each team member with their most relevant opportunities.

Questions to ask:

  • Do I see only RFP opportunities or emerging jobs prior to RFP?
  • What deals will I see for my business? If I’m an engineering firm, do I see the same engineering opportunities as another customer? Can I narrow down to specific types of work I want, such as environmental restoration work?
  • Is there any AI to detect opportunities?
  • How does your solution help us monitor opportunities and key accounts we care about over time, such as getting updates on new project needs or key contact changes?
  • How do you support multiple teams or departments to find and focus on different government opportunities?

Here’s how Ontopical stacks up

Unlike other government contracting software, you won’t receive the same canned research as your competitors. We’ll help you train our AI Copilot Oliver to find the types of work that matter most to you by industry, geography, and projects of interest.

You’ll have a dashboard where you can select and monitor the exact opportunities that matter most to your business. Using machine learning, results improve over time. Plus, you’ll get email updates on new emerging opportunities. Save your business development team hours in hunting down opportunities and bid details.

3. Bid research

Finding more government opportunities (and earlier) is important, but the right software should also help you improve your win rate. Assess how different government contracting solutions will help you prepare a winning proposal.

Questions to ask:

  • How does your solution help find out the project’s budget, timeline and scope?
  • How does your solution help identify and best engage with key stakeholders?

Here’s what you can expect with Ontopical

Get actionable answers on government opportunities including instant answers on scope, budget and contacts before the RFP is issued. This means more time for your business development teams to build relationships and ask the right questions to better understand the project’s needs and prepare a winning proposal that aligns with those needs.

“I’m seeing a 90% success rate on the proposals we are submitting from using Ontopical.”VP, US Municipal Sector Leader at a Global Consulting, Engineering and Architectural Services Company

Ontopical’s AI Copilot Oliver pinpoints useful intel within long documents like reports or video recordings to give you actionable answers on budget, contacts and scope. Locate the exact paragraph or minute of video with useful opportunity information to inform your proposal.

4. Automated alerts

It’s time-consuming for BD teams to try to stay on top of government activities by manually searching through constantly released minutes, budgets and videos. Assess how the software will help you stay on top of opportunities, competitor activity and your company reputation in less time.

Questions to ask:

  • How does your solution alert us to new opportunities?
  • How does your solution give us insights into competitor activity?
  • How does your solution help us track our reputation with local governments?

Here’s how Ontopical is different

Get daily alerts about opportunities and competitor activity. Get notified when key competitors are pursuing business you care about and monitor any mentions of your business in government activities including meetings, plans or budgets.

“Ontopical alerts us to upcoming and ongoing projects in our market. It has saved our team hours upon hours of cruising Council minutes searching for projects, budgets or motions that may impact our business.” – Chief Executive Officer, National Consulting Agency

5. Personalized support

One final thing to assess is how each vendor will help you get started with the technology. Assess how your team will be supported through training, onboarding, and ongoing customer service.

Questions to ask:

  • Do you offer guidance on setup?
  • How are users trained to use the software?
  • What can we expect from customer service and technical support if we run into an issue?

Here’s what you can expect with Ontopical

Get white-glove customer service including a dedicated customer success manager, fully guided onboarding and training.

See Ontopical’s local government contracting software in action

Ontopical works with some of the largest firms in North America in engineering, construction, telecommunications, consulting, technology, health services, and other industries to help them build sales pipeline and win more government work.

Want to save your business development team hours hunting for new public sector business, easily keep tabs on your competition and win more government contracts? See what Ontopical can do for your business.

Let our team show you local government opportunities perfect for your business with answers to improve your win rate. Request to see a demo.

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