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Does it Feel Like You're Drowning in Information?

There are brilliant insights and unmissable opportunities hidden within the scores of government information released every day. But the resources you need to analyze these records makes it seem like an exercise in futility. You can’t go through it all, so you end up hedging your bets, deciding what to focus on. There has to be a better way to hone in on relevant information without casting too small a net.

Ontopical Tracker Gives You a Wider Look at the World

Wish you had a tool that could compile the latest municipal information?

Ontopical Tracker not only does that—it also lets you drill down into the most relevant updates, saving you hours of research and collating. You can search through video and text resources to learn new information, set alerts for specific developments, and draw insights more quickly than ever before. You’ll finally put yourself in the best possible position to help communities, win more work, and spend less time on each RFP.



You never know where your next opportunity might come from, but trying to search through all available materials—if you can pull them together—is like searching for a needle in a haystack. It takes time you just don’t have.
With Ontopical, you can not only access the full breadth of information available in North America, you’re able to cut out the noise that doesn’t matter. Set your search to the geographic area as large or as localized as you wish, then search for any keyword—Ontopical Tracker searches meeting agendas, minutes, and videos.

Access to records from thousands of municipalities across North America

Filter by location, industry and custom keywords

Perform text-based searches of video and audio content

When you look at released minutes, they only cover 15% of a meeting. Ontopical creates video transcripts that you can search by keyword, which lets you do a deep dive to gain insights from the other 85%.


Co-Founder & CEO, Ontopical


It’s impossible for you to keep track of 500 council meetings, even on a weekly basis. What if we told you Ontopical Tracker keeps you apprised of new content daily?

Create custom alerts that deliver the latest conversations that concern you from anywhere in North America, straight to your inbox.

Create meaningful keyword alerts, self-managed by you

Share information easily with team collaboration functionality

Pause or disable alerts at any time.

Coming Soon

Analytics & Insights

Spotting trends takes talent and time. And that’s to say nothing of the resources it takes to create meaningful reports that can be presented to other departments in your business. Ontopical Tracker will soon have the functionality to show the connections between those dots of data for actionable business insights.

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Curate Your Feed

Once you’ve subscribed to Ontopical, you’ll be able to create lists that deliver exactly the information you need from government bodies all over North America.

Stay a Step Ahead

Leverage your advanced notice by pouring your energies into the right projects at the right time. You’ll never be caught flat-footed again.

Why People Love Ontopical

It’s a connections game. This tool helps us reach out to and develop opportunities early on before the RFP has been posted.

Ontopical Platform User

I’m trying to go through minutes and agendas for a region you don’t cover yet and it’s frustrating not having Ontopical there. I want to use Ontopical for all of North America


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