Ontopical hits the road for Fiber Connect 2022!

Fiber broadband is quickly becoming a competitive advantage for communities that offer it. Between families and millennials seeking a better life outside the major urban centres and unprecedented government funding, the Fiber Broadband industry is on fire. The Ontopical team hit the road for the 2022 Fiber Connect conference to learn about the latest in high-speed broadband internet.

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City Hall building entrance, older cut yellow sandstone structure, Johnstown, PA, USA.

Best kept secret in the SLED market

Diving into the SLED (State, Local, and Education) market can unlock vast opportunities for firms in the construction, engineering, and architecture sectors, revealing a market that represents nearly 10% of the U.S. GDP. Leveraging advanced technologies like Ontopical, small and medium-sized businesses can demystify the bidding process and discover lucrative government contracts, building valuable relationships in the process.