Who We Are

Ontopical was founded based on the idea that businesses who interact with government organizations need an easy way to navigate the massive amount of valuable, but unstructured content being published by the 90,000+ local government organizations every day across North America.

About Us

Our team specializes in business intelligence solutions. We combine our expertise with the world’s leading technologies, to capture the endless unstructured data from local government organizations in order to deliver end-to-end business intelligence solutions for your business. We enable businesses to identify potential opportunities and challenges to help you get ahead of competitors and make informed business decisions. We empower you by providing seamless real time intelligence using topic and keyword alert monitoring.

Ontopical delivers the innovative capabilities of machine learning to help you build new revenue streams, increase efficiency and stay on-top of current and future government developments. Ultimately, it is our goal to help you stay “On Top of the Topical” issues and conversations that are taking place in local government organizations every day.

Leadership Team

Derrick Koenig

Founder and CEO

Derrick is the Founder and CEO of Ontopical. As an engineer, his passion lies in improving the efficiency of teams and entire industries through access to information, especially that which is buried in highly unstructured data sets. He is an entrepreneur with a proven track record of building strong teams that accelerate company growth through solving real world customer problems. Prior to founding Ontopical, Derrick founded Ridgeline Engineering, a highly successful engineering firm that was acquired by a reputable international firm in 2014.

David Fawcett

VP Product Development

David brings over a decade of in-depth, full-stack technical experience to share with his clients and teams. With a primary interest in emerging web technologies, David is always working to ensure the smooth operation of the entire digital pipeline; from initial meetings to robust releases, and all the details in between

Chris Fulton

Product Manager

Christ is an experienced product manager of cross-functional teams with an emphasis on data. Experienced in machine learning, deep learning, NLP, statistics, visualizations, fastai, Skrum/Google Sprints, and UI/UX/User Feedback analysis. Chris is highly educated with a Masters in Data Science and a P.h.D. in Physiology.

Sam Litowski

Lead Machine Learning

Sam brings expertise in data extraction and Machine Learning backed by his Masters in Software Engineering. With a focus in Natural Language Processing, Sam specializes in developing innovative ways to extract value from unstructured data

Be a Part of the Team

Don’t see a posting for you but feel like you would be a good asset to the team? Send your resume and coverletter over to careers@ontopical.com and tell us why you want to work with us!